Philip Barrington

Hi and welcome to the site. I have been a web developer, and for the last ten years or so dealt mainly with WordPress. I am now 70, and this site, which I embraced in... Continue reading

Yes or No?

Like many of us, the feeling is that this debate has been going on for a while with lack lustre arguments all around. My general position in terms of any referendum is to vote no,... Continue reading

Lacklustre Arguments all round

Oversimplification Does Not Help. We have the Referendum sometime before Christmas, presumably in October or November. Whilst we don't know, as yet when it will be, we do know what the question is, and what... Continue reading

The Republic Question

Sometimes when you mention that you hold a different view from someone else on an issue, they will look at you like you have two heads. The difficulty I face here of course is not... Continue reading

Minister for the Republic

We have an Assistant Minister for the Republic in Australia, Matt Thistlethwaite MP. He also serves as the Member for Kingsford Smith, Assistant Minister for Defence (Minister: Richard Marles MP), And the Assistant Minister for... Continue reading

Election 2022

The interesting thing about the May 21 election is that both the major parties had a reduction in primary votes and yet the LNP lost around 18 seats and the ALP a net gain of... Continue reading

Is Vote Compass Real

This may seem an odd question, however, it does indeed deserve to be asked. For a number of years now, the ABC has been providing this online 'service' to help voters determine which party is... Continue reading